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Bible Quiz #4: 17 Questions from Genesis 3:14-24

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Here are the 17 questions we will answer from Genesis 3:14-24 for this quiz:

1. In what ways did God curse the serpent? (3:14)
2. What was the spiritual curse upon the serpent, and what was the
prophetic outcome given for it? (3:15)
3. What indirect statement can be said about the Seed of the woman
and the importance of motherhood? (3:15)
4. What reason(s) does God give for cursing the woman? (3:16)
5. What possible reason or reasons would there be for this?
6. In what ways did God curse the woman? (v.16) [Find at least 4.]
7. How is God’s curse of the woman significant in light of God’s design &
purpose for her?

8. What TWO reasons does God give for cursing Adam? (v.17)
9. In what way is the first reason significant regarding Adam’s God-assigned
role and about the woman’s assigned role?
10. In what ways did God curse the man? (v. 17-19)
11. How do the curses on Adam and the woman reflect their roles as
assigned by God?
12. What significance would there be of Adam naming his wife after the
13. What significance would there be regarding what Adam named his
wife after the fall? (think about the curse upon> Adam).
14. What were God’s actions after cursing Adam & Eve? (v.21-24)
15. What was the significance of the clothing?
16. How could God’s driving Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden
actually be for their own protection? (3:22)
17. What was Adam’s continued realm of responsibility? (v.23) What
might this suggest about Eve’s continued responsibility as well?

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Timeline of Truth 05 – The Serpent Deceives the Woman (Genesis 3:1-6c)

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

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Timeline of Truth 04 – God Establishes Marriage (Genesis 2:22-25)

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Amidst all of the confusion of our day about marriage, God’s recorded design, purpose, and process of marriage is still clear and easily understood in the book of Genesis.

Timeline of Truth 03 – God Creates the First Woman (Genesis 2:18-22)

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We take a detailed look at the specific timing and purpose of God’s design and creation of a woman.