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Jesus Tells the Parable of a Father and His Two Sons #2 (Luke 15:17-24)

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018


Sin is stupid when we see it realistically. The wasteful and foolish younger son had spent everything in a far land, and finds himself desolate and desperate, feeding pigs and eating their food. In these circumstances, this son comes to his senses. He realizes how foolish his choices were, how bad his sin was, and how obvious the results of sin were. The things he rejected – his father and the structure and responsibility of family – now seemed incredibly favorable and acceptable. Even the lowest hired hand of his father had plenty to eat. The desolate son repents of his sin and makes plans to return to his father and confess his sinfulness, and to request to be a hired hand. He acts on his decision and heads home. Before he reaches his home, he is seen by his father, who responds with the most amazing actions. Jesus emphasizes God’s view of a repentant sinner and the joy which God embraces him.

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Northridge Baptist Church


Timeline of Truth – Joseph’s Brothers Come to Egypt (Genesis 42:1-38)

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

After 20+ years, Joseph comes face to face with his 10 brothers that sold him as a slave. How does he respond?

Jesus Is the LIGHT: How to Walk in God’s Light (Part 3) – 1 John 1:9-10

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Part of walking in the light is having a proper response to SINS – what we do that we shouldn’t do, or what we don’t do that we should. We examine a very often-quoted verse (1 John 1:9) in light of its context, and find out that many have this verse ALL WRONG. The verse does not tell a believer to ask for forgiveness or say that he/she is sorry for his/her sins. It also is not a “get out of sin card” that believers are to be using as the fix-all for personal sins.