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How Are We to Determine the Will of God? (Acts 1:26+)

Sunday, December 1st, 2019

And they cast their lots, and the lot fell on Matthias.” This verse causes us to ask several questions:
1) What does it mean “to cast lots?”
2) Was this a proper method for the apostles?
3) Is this a proper method for us today?
4) What are the principles for knowing God’s will?

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The Apostles Try to Obey Prophecy by Replacing Judas #1 – Timeline (Acts 1:12-26)

Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Jesus has ascended. The apostles return to Jerusalem to wait as directed. Peter attempts to fulfill prophecy by orchestrating the selection of a replacement for Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, and who took his own life. In this study, we work through the chronology of this event. In the next week or two, we will examine some of the necessary questions more closely. Prophecy is certain; our trying to fulfill it is not.

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Timeline of Truth – Abram Tries His Own Solution (Gen 16:1-16)

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

God has promised Abram many, many descendants. He is 85 years old and still has none. His wife, Sarai, no doubt feeling the pressure of womanhood (bearing no children), the pressure of the promise of many descendants to Abam, but also having her husband’s name mean “father of many,” comes up with a very selfless plan: Give Abram her handmaiden as a wife, and bear children through her.  What does Abram do? Does this solve the problem?