Timeline of Truth: The Horrific Loss of Doing What Is Right in One’s Own Eyes (Judges 19:29-20:48) – Part 2: Ruthless Violence

Very dark days continue in Israel. We are taken from a display of rampant immorality to civil war and ruthless violence. Man’s ideas do not lead to God’s results. The Levite whose concubine is ravaged (to which he was an accomplice, having offered her in his stead) takes his now dead wife and dismembers her into 12 parts, and sends these parts to the 12 tribes of Israel. The horrified tribes assemble to find out the nature of this gruesome message. The Levite misrepresents the account to eliminate his own guilt, and in the process initiates what turns out to be a civil war. The 11 tribes seek to bring justice, and many die on both sides. God often allows great pain and death to bring us to our senses. The 11 tribes go beyond justice and ruthlessly destroy the tribe of Benjamin. Our revenge will not deal with offenses in a godly, just way, and it will only cause greater damage.

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