Timeline of Truth: Ehud, Elite Assassin (Judges 3:12-4:1)

Timeline of Truth:  Ehud, Elite Assassin (Judges 3:12-4:1)
The second deliverer God raises up in the book of Judges is Ehud. Israel again commits “the evil” by serving other gods. God Himself strengthens Eglon, a Moabite king, and this enemy comes in and conquers a portion of Israel and makes them serve him for 18 years. Israel cries out to God, and God, in His grace, raises up a military rescuer. Ehud is likely not a military reject, as sometimes presented. His left-handedness is much more likely to indicate his elite military training like other Benjaminites had, allowing him to fight with both is right and his left hand. Eglon is often considered obese, but we challenge that misconception as well. In this study, we run through the timeline, and then present 5 observations regarding Ehud as well as 5 lessons that we can learn from this account.

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