Jesus Seeks a Sinful Man that Seeks After Him (Luke 19:1-10)

Jesus Seeks a Sinful Man that Seeks After Him (Luke 19-10)

You may have heard of the account of Zacchaeus as a child. This man was hated by his countrymen for at least two reasons. First, he collected taxes for the occupying Roman government. He was a traitor in the eyes of those around him. Second, the way he gained his great wealth was by overcharging his countrymen when collecting taxes. They hated him as a thief. This man, short in stature, knew of his great sinfulness and sought to catch a glimpse of Jesus by climbing a tree. Jesus not only saw this man but went to his house. Zacchaeus believed and was changed forever. He made it right with everyone he cheated and gave his remaining money to the poor. God can save the worst of sinners, and thereby change worst of sinners.

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